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Dear Pastor,

I hope you will make plans to come to El Cajon and join us for the 2019 CSBC Pastors’ Conference. This year’s theme is “Fulfill Your Ministry.” I have invited six faithful and skilled pastor-preachers to come and minister to us from the book of 2 Timothy. The Apostle Paul wrote 2 Timothy as a letter to a working pastor (Timothy) in order to stir him up, and to remind him what matters, and to encourage Timothy as he labored for the good of the church. As our speakers teach from Paul’s letter, I am praying that all of us working pastors will be stirred up, and reminded, and encouraged.

The whole point of this conference is your refreshment and strengthening. I am praying you will walk away built up and renewed in order to go on faithfully fulfilling your ministry. The conference is free. In addition, the first 350 people to arrive will receive 4 free books, including The Systematic Theology Study Bible, and John Piper’s Expository Exultation. So do your best to arrive early in order to benefit from the free resources. Come sing and pray with your fellow-pastors, and come be fed from God’s word. We will close the conference by having a panel discussion with all of the speakers on the topic of faithful preaching. These 6 men bring wisdom drawn from a combined 150 years in all kinds of different church situations. I hope to see you there.

May God bless you and your ministry,

In Christ,

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Mark Rogers
Senior Pastor – Fellowship Church in Beaumont, CA
President of the CSBC Pastors’ Conference